About me

Welcome to my fully integrated body-mind practice. I am both a qualified and experienced Life Coach as well as a veteran Therapeutic Reflexologist. This enables me to offer a fully holistic set of service choices for overall wellbeing – both in body and in mind. My services include Therapeutic Reflexology, Life Coaching and Mindfulness body-mind work.


In the last fifteen years I redesigned my life with a move from life in the corporate space into a body-mind practice. The move to Life Coaching and Reflexology followed many years in the corporate and academic worlds as well as owning my own small businesses.

As my practice has evolved over the years, I have become more and more under the impression of how closely body and mind are interlinked. This means that while I offer Therapeutic Reflexology and Life Coaching as standalone options, I also offer Body-Mind work whereby Therapeutic Reflexology, Life Coaching and Mindfulness work are combined in a highly personalised integrated wellness programme.

Why I believe in Life Coaching

Becoming a Life Coach was pretty much a natural development for me as my university education was in the Humanities including Psychology and Communication. It also dovetails beautifully with Therapeutic Reflexology; so It made total business sense to have a dual practice.

On a personal note however; like most people, I have also walked the road of seeking better insight into myself and my processes, and the tools and techniques I have learnt have proven to be not only enlightening but also liberating. We will all face obstacles in ourselves and our circumstances – this is unavoidable – but having the tools and insights to know how to trust yourself and what to do to gain better perspectives is beyond price.

There is something magical – almost sacred – about walking a coaching road with a client. During these challenging conversations we often unravel unserving thoughts, perspectives and beliefs that create a whole interrelated structure and then suddenly, while we are wrestling for new perspectives and solutions, one great insight happens and everything changes. It makes me think of Jenga – a whole structure is built on old ideas; and all it needs is for one piece to be removed for everything to shift. In the case of Life Coaching the structures that obscure our view of possibilities and opportunities collapse to create space for a whole new way of being.




For me as a Coach it is totally thrilling to see this happen for a client and to watch the changes as they unfold. And the good news is that most of the change is made by the coaching client without having to be told how. When thought patterns and insights shift we can figure things out for ourselves. So the paradox of Life Coaching is that the aim is for me to work myself out of a job; to get to a point where Coaching is no longer needed – entirely unlike other businesses where client loyalty and retention is everything.

Why I believe in Reflexology

I have been practicing reflexology for more than 10 years. It all started about 25 years ago when my infant daughter was not responding to conventional medical treatment and I started exploring alternative solutions. Since then I have never looked back, and later enrolled for the required theoretical training and examinations and also undertook the required practical internship. I also for a period lectured trainee reflexologists.

Reflexology offers numerous health benefits but what I enjoy most is how empowering it is for my clients. It is not unusual to see persons move from an almost complete disconnect from their body into a much more aware space where they start actively taking charge of their physical wellbeing.


Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa (AHPCSA)

Registered Therapeutic Reflexologist with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa. Registration Number: A01556

Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA)

Practitioner Member of COMENSA. Membership number GASAM-1175-PRA


  • BA (Communication) RAU
  • BA Honours (Psychology) Unisa
  • National Certificate in Therapeutic Reflexology School of Hand and Foot Reflexology
  • Certificate in Facial Analysis and Tissue Salts Therapy Academy of Tissue Salts and Facial Analysis
  • Certificate in Coaching Success Factory
  • Career and Executive Coaching Unisa Centre for Industrial and Organisational Psychology

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