You are here

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You are here

A reply to: ‘I’ll just hang around and wait for my destiny to become clear’

Lately in my coaching conversations, questions around destiny and dreams have been very prominent.

So often we wait in a state of near paralysis for our destiny to reveal itself, or for the big dream to come to fruition. In the mean time we are passive and frustrated, doing nothing much of significance.

So what would happen if we changed our mindset: if I saw today as part of my destiny – and regarded destiny as a process, not a destination?

This puts me in mind of those maps in large shopping centers or parks; where the red dot marks ‘You are here’.

Being here means that today – this very minute – is part of my destiny. I am living right now that which is real and true for me. And it is from here that I get to move to there – the next destination point on the map.

So then what about the big dream; the over-arching goal; the big things I want for myself and from myself? Should I just accept what’s here and now as the final word? Very depressing!

No, this moment is just one in a series of moments and the challenge is to see how one can creatively use what is present to influence what may come.

Ask yourself: What resources in the form of objects, people, skills experience and money do I have right now that I can put to use? Too often we live in ‘there and then’ – when everything is perfect then I shall be such and such. And in this way we get blinded to that which is present.

There certainly is space for parallel processes: keeping the big dream in mind and working on it while also in the mean time taking concrete active steps with what pertains in the present moment.

Even if what you have in the here and now seems pitiful or inadequate; it is real and valuable as a good starting point. If you took a good look you will probably find that you have what you need to get started.

As the Chinese saying goes: ‘A journey of a thousand miles starts with one footstep‘.

So do what you can with what you’ve got –now! Don’t waste time on hoping for perfect conditions one day – this is it. You are here!

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